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Specific Frequency Sound Therapy Soundtracks to balance

  • muscles

  • nerves

  • neurotransmitters

  • vertebrae

  • organs

  • meridians

  • chakras

  • emotions

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Simply listen to the soundtrack and entrain your body back into relaxed, happy & balanced

What is Sound Massage?

It is a form of sound therapy that utilizes specific frequencies that speak the language of the nervous system to quickly and efficiently entrain muscles, vertebrae, neurotransmitters and more back into balance in minutes.


Simply get comfortable, relax, and listen.Your nervous system will do the rest.


It's like a sound bath meditation and a massage therapist gave birth to a digital baby!


Shanda has created Physio Sound soundtracks that target specific areas of the body, offering deep relaxation, happy vibes and amazing therapeutic benefits!


A sound massage is something you can purchase, that's super affordable, and once you own it, it's yours FOREVER... and no appointment is ever needed.


It doesn't mess up your hair... and all you need is your cell phone!

And what's sooo great about a sound massage is... you can experience it over and over... and it doesn't get tired and it never complains! ;)



Enjoy this FREE Sample to FEEL how quickly Physio Sound Therapy can entrain a muscle into balance.

1. BEFORE - Touch or massage the main muscle on the side of your neck

2. Listen to the 90 second tone.

3. Touch or massage the muscle AFTER and feel the difference. 

Physio Sound Sternocliedomastoid Clavicular Sample
Physio Sound Sternocliedomastoid Sternal Sample






How do I know if the frequencies are working?

As an empath and a highly sensitive, my go-to answer is: if you are feeling sensations in the body, deep relaxation, or emotional shifts, they are working! The more deficient you are in a frequency, the more you feel it. If you are really deficient (as in recovering from an injury), it may even be a bit uncomfortable at first... or might put you into a deep sleep. This is GOOD! That means we found it and your nervous system is shifting!

Another sign is knocking or tapping. If you hear anything in the tone that sounds like knocking or tapping, it's another sign that you need the frequency. As you continue to listen with consistency, over the course of several days usually, the knocking or tapping will disappear. 

If you don't need a frequency, it doesn't hurt you to listen to it, it just doesn't create a shift because you're already in balance. In this case, the tone may feel boring or just like noise.

NOTE: These pre-made soundtracks are NOT recommended for anyone with a history of seizures or epilepsy. But we can make custom soundtracks perfect for you! :)

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Thx for your patience. - Shanda :)

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