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"This work changed my thoughts and outlook on this phase of my life. I feel different and brighter. So much good pours out of you. Thank you for your insight and gentle way of sharing with me." 

"I had a deep emotional release, relaxation, renewed sense of enjoyment of life." 

"I see real change in my life and my relationships. I have hope! You use your gifts to facilitate change to a totally different plateau of thinking, living and loving."

"I used to be overwhelmed by crowds to the point it was debilitating. It used to cripple me because I felt everything. You’ve given me my life back! I do feel everything, but now it doesn’t affect me anymore, and my intuition is off the charts now!" 

"I’m the happiest I’ve been in quite a while. My whole perception has changed for the good. Usually I’m sad and depressed on my birthday, but not this year! I’m excited for what life will bring!" 

"Thank you for awakening me! You are a gifted healer and instructor." 

"So incredibly amazing I can’t put it into words. Truly the greatest experience of my life. I feel like I have finally discovered what has been inside of me for so long! Now I can’t wait to use it!"

"Wow… I had a headache all day, but now my whole mind and head are clear!"


"This takes holistic healing to a whole new level. The physical pain in my body is relieved (down 80%); my dream job came like magic; I feel comfortable and inspired about my life again; I am no longer stuck." 

"Your class was incredible and I learned a ton!"


"I feel amazing – nothing can bring me down!" 

"I have a new sense of freedom, different sensations

in my body, smooth movements, and overall calm.
I feel great today! No more pain in my legs!"

"I arrived feeling heavy and sad and reliving trauma. I left feeling peaceful and relieved. I found understanding and acceptance."

"I now have an at-peace feeling. I can feel the intense energy, but I am calm. It’s raining but I am smiling."

"So many breakthroughs and insights and my heart chakra is opening up!"

"You gave me the ability to enjoy Thanksgiving without the emotional baggage that used to come with it."

"The most 'free' I have felt in years. I enjoyed just sitting with you afterwards as much as the sound bath."

"I thought I would have been really emotional, but I feel great! I felt some pressure in my chest when you started the bowls, but that shifted and now I am so relaxed and I feel like I can breathe deeper than I have in a long time. I need this every day!"

"I see real change in my life and my relationships. I have hope! You use your gifts to facilitate change to a totally different plateau of thinking, living and loving."

"I felt so much more empowered, inspired and happy. Things are seamlessly falling into place, people are coming into my life, and I have a new energy about me. This changed my headspace, even after a trauma-filled 2 years."

"I am still reeling from today’s session!"

'I feel much lighter and brighter after our session." 

"You are the master of sound for sure. The gifts you taught me I will have for all eternity. Thank you for sharing your gifts." 

"Meeting you was nothing short of a miracle. You have helped my daughter so much. We have gone around in circles, suspecting what we knew but finding no solace from doctors. Thank you for putting her on solid ground. You have inspired her to follow a new path. She was really skeptical. She has felt so terrible for so long that I could feel her losing hope and her anxiety increasing. When she got home from the session, it was as if the weight of the world was lifting off her. She was more relaxed and happy  than I have seen in a long time. I knew it was there. She had forgotten! I knew within 2 minutes of our conversation that you were the person!" 


"You have made a mark on my life that will be with me until I’m gone. You are the very rare occasion that brings hope back into people’s lives." 


– Tim Atchley

August 7, 2019

"Thanks for the shout out in the last sound bath! I felt the love! I've been listening to every one of these! Love it so much sometimes I listen to these sound baths two or three times a day. They really help. Best subscription I ever had!

"Thanks so much for the session today. I feel hopeful about the future for the first time in a very long time and a massive sense of relief and peace. What a precious gift. Thank you again and I really look forward to our next session!!!" 

"I am still just blown away by how amazing that (dolphin) experience was, and wanted to say thank you again. I am so inspired and full of dolphin love, that I can't even take it!!! I feel the dolphin power!!! Thank you so much for this experience!!! Best day ever!!!"

"I writing to let you know it's amazing how well the tone box is working for my mom. I was giving it time... thinking she was just wearing it to humor me. But she won't take it off because she feels weird without it. She describes the feeling as like going from a stuffed nose to breathing easy and free."

"Thank you so much - this experience was definitely the highlight of our trip! We enjoyed it so much!"

"I was so blessed to have met you and I want you to know that your love and support gave me tremendous energy for recovery. It felt so good inside when you spoke of me and my wife on your live broadcast, it brought tears to my eyes on both occasions. Thank you again for being you. You are an amazing soul."

"I had an amazing experience with forgiveness with my second set of tones. I have someone in my life who hurt me really badly and most people would probably call this person an enemy. And I have done the work of setting the intention of forgiveness, but there was always a block. I couldn't feel it, nor could I imagine the highest life for them because I couldn't get past my own hurt. I would want the best to work out for them, but really couldn't feel it. So this change that came about was just a gift! I don't know how it happened. I didn't do anything to earn it. But I am now totally free of any bitterness and I can totally align myself with the highest and best love for them. The barrier that existed has totally melted away, not only with me but my entire family. It's an entirely different dynamic. This person I can now hold in the highest light and the person is now reaching out to me and we are able to connect in a loving way. I have no way to explain this other than what an amazing gift! I have no bitterness in me at all! It feels incredible!"

"I got triggered again yesterday with that same old stuff... being put in the friend zone (sense of rejection) and even though I still totally hate it, and it's not at all what I want, I was able to just observe it and not be so emotional about it. I didn't 'destroy' me for days like it used to. Thank you!!"

"You gave me my memory back!!! I had been on medication prescribed my a neurologist for short-term memory loss. I had trouble remembering which dog I had let out and which one I had fed, which ones I had given medication to. It was scary. Sometimes I even got lost driving around my tiny little town. Even more scary. And now after less than two weeks of working with my tones, my memory is back and I don't even need the medication that wasn't working anyway! Thank you!!!"

"Thank you so much for the Sound Meditation onboard Kamaflight for Maria’s birthday.  It was a very transcendental experience for me. You are a healer, indeed! 

We are incredibly grateful for the experience and the effort you and your husband put into making it happen. Thank you!"

NOTE: The deepest  & most transformational work we do is rarely acknowledged in a written testimonial. We are humbled and grateful for our soul contracts and the gifts that are received through all of our connections. Namaste. :)



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