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The Key West Experience 

Come have FUN in the SUN in gorgeous Key West with your group! 

We LOVE hosting your group retreat for a girls' weekend, corporate retreat, bachelorette party, family retreat... whatever the occasion! 

Our comfortable group size is 3 - 10  people (12 max) for both indoor and outdoor activities.  


In addition to the beautiful crystal saltwater, the bright healing sunshine, and the laid back vibe of our beloved islands, your retreat with us can offer:



Deep Relaxation Stress Relief Sound Bath Meditation


A deep dive into sound meditation with our large collection of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes and more. Feel the power of collective consciousness at play as we set our intentions, clear the mind, and let the Universe guide our lives for highest & best outcomes; a powerful surrender of the mind that pays high dividends.

Sound Healing with the Dolphins

Shanda in front of DRC sign2.jpeg

We were the first to bring sound healing meditation to the Dolphin Research Center... which was what brought us to the Keys back in 1992! Preparing the consciousness for a connection with dolphins sets the stage for a truly remarkable and deeply healing experince!

Dolphin Swim & Encounter

Dolphin Research Center-id273183141.jpg

A dream-come-true for most of us is the up-close connection with an amazing dolphin ambassador who is willing to impart higher dimensional vibrations into us through brain synchronization (much the same way that sound healing works). The feel of their skin, the wisdom in their eyes, the magic in the interactions... beyond words!

Synergy Room Energy Circuit

Synergy Room group-red.jpg

A combination of rejuvenating self-care spa therapies to help you feel good, look good and improve performance, sleep, cognition and energy level. Our Synergy Room Spa offers red light therapy, vibe plate, massage chair, crystal healing biomat, chi machine, infrared sauna, microbubble spa and more. A wonderful way for you to shine from within like a star! Learn more.

Tone Cocktail Party

quantum sound-color-globes.jpg

The Cocktail Party of the Future… no alcohol, drugs or substances, just pure frequency delivered directly to the nervous system for relaxation, stress relief, brain-boosting, anti-aging and more. Similar to a food or wine tasting, experience a frequency sample of oxygen, feel-good neurotransmitters, muscle balancing, cognitive enhancement, and more. This fun, experiential introduction to specific frequency sound therapy takes place in the studio where you relax in comfy bean bag chairs as low frequency sounds are played through a subwoofer. It’s a ton of fun… with no hangover!

Energy Anatomy 101 


A brief introduction to the body’s energy field (chakras and meridians) and easy daily resets that help keep the energy field clean and clear so we feel good, experience radiant health, and shine from within.

Mind-Body Connection


We reverse engineer physical symptoms to help the conscious mind (5% of us) understand the processes of the body’s autonomic nervous system (95% of us) manifesting unwanted physical pain, illness, or emotional imbalance.  Once we can “think like the nervous system,” we can either appreciate the body’s amazing healing powers… or change the cellular programming to reflect our current conditions. Either way, this process removes the internal resistance to the experience, facilitating deep and lasting healing through powerful updates to our internal operating system.

Fish Pedicure & Forest Bathing

Fish Pedicure.jpg

Enjoy the peace and tranquility of forest bathing in one of the last remaining hardwood hammocks of the uniqe ecosystem of the Florida Keys! We hike 1.5 miles through a 60+ acre forest along wide gravel trails and end at a beautiful point where the land meets the sea and we are treated to a fish pedicure! We take a rest and dangle our bare feet in the water of a shallow lagoon and tiny toothless fish the size of guppies nibble the dead skin off calluses, leaving the feet polished and the body relaxed. A one-of-a-kind healing experience in nature!

Easy Sound Healing Basics at Home


How to use a simple sound healing instrument like tuning forks (affordable and indestructible) to ground and relax the body, speed healing up to 4xs faster than normal, reduce inflammation, and adjust brainwaves in seconds for optimal sleep, relaxation, learning, sports & academic performance, creativity, and more. Works great for pets too!

Wild Dolphin Encounter

Dolphin screenshot.jpg

Another wonderful way to connect with dolphins is in thier natural environment. Here in the Keys, the local dolphin population likes to hang out in an area called the Dolphin Playground. Being able to be in their environment helps us attune to their vibration. We are not allowed to swim with them in the wild here, so we observe from a distance, send loving vibes, then enjoy snorkeling and sandbars in locations optimal for the day's conditions.

Flip Your Script

Love letter

Transform the stories made up by the mind (to keep us “safe,” but are really just keeping us small, stuck, and unfulfilled). Liberate yourself from the pain of the past by writing and living a new story filled with all the things you want to experience! This hands-on experiecne is powerful and fast-acting.

Post-Stress Reset


Learn an easy and powerful 5-minute technique that resets the body’s energy circuits that are blown by mental and emotional stress. Just like resetting a tripped breaker in a house, resetting our energy circuits allows us to operate at full mental, emotional and physical capacity, once again firing on all cylinders for optimal performance in life, sports and school (especially important to do before taking a test).

Relationship Dynamics Upgrade


Relationships often serve as mirrors showing us what we’re here to work on spiritually. The energy patterns in our partners directly reflect our own shadows of stagnant energy that are ready to be released and healed. We use consciousness shifts and energy clearing techniques to experience new levels of understanding & forgiveness that allow deep relationship harmony to ensue. Healing relationships (any kind) without conflict is one of our superpowers! 

Emotional Processing


If we could “see” emotional baggage as a physical thing like sweaters in our closet, we would never let them pile up so high. But because most of us can’t “see” them, we don’t understand the importance of developing positive healthy ways to deal with our emotions and the emotions of others. I will teach you a technique you can use daily and whenever you are triggered to clear out those ugly sweaters that no longer fit you, so you can make room for the beautiful positive feelings that are your birthright.

Acupressure Espresso

Mani Pedi

Activate and balance the body’s chi with this hands-on stimulation incorporating acupressure, chi gong, breath work, and applied kinesiology resets to get you going.

A great way to start the day!

Body Shaping Spa

body shaping-womans hips with tape measure.jpg

a form of guided fascia release designed to help clear macro and micro traumas from the body’s tissues; great for anyone who is making shifts in consciousness and is ready to embody the changes. Learn techniques to help the body heal from and prevent over-use injuries by releasing deeply held tension.

Tong Ren


We tap into the power of the collective consciousness and direct energy into specific acupoints and energy centers in the body (virtually) using a magnetic hammer and a Tong Ren acupoint model doll. A very powerful protocol to do with a group. Much like a prayer circle, Tong Ren has been know to facilitate miracles!

Mermaid Mud Mask

NKW Mermaid Logo-final-color.jpg

Enjoy a fun, invigorating whole-body mud clay mask spa experience in our outdoor Mermaid Lounge by the water. Reconnect to your earth goddess roots with this self-applied green-gray sea clay treatment that leaves you silky smooth and deeply refreshed. Rich in algae and loaded with minerals, sodium and skin-soothing sulphur, this oceanic clay is used in body wrap treatments in exclusive spas all over the world. Enjoy a full body freshwater rinse after.

Herbal Sun Tea


Quench your thirst with this deeply refreshing herbal tea made from alkaline "vibe" water that's been charged with healing frequencies and light codes from our Florida Keys sunshine. Hibiscus, peppermint, spearmint, lemon balm, passionflower and more!

Oracle Card Reading

Image by Ouassima Issrae

Gain insight for general guidance or a specific issue with a fun, intuitive 15-minute individual oracle card reading. Always a positive message and a great way for people on retreat to get to know each other better and to bond.

Longevity Tea

Image by Alison Marras

Celebrate youth & cultivate vitality with an ancient longevity formula in a naturally delicious caffeine-free herbal tea made from adaptogenic herbs that help the body grow stronger during stressful times, instead of crumbling under the pressure. This delicious and restorative tea can be enjoyed hot or cold and may be provided for your enjoyment during your spa experience with us.

Mermaid Lounge Party


Mermaid Lounge Party – Enjoy herbal sun tea and bright sunshine in our outdoor garden terrace by the water’s edge. A great spot to sit in bean bag chairs and soak up the sun while enjoying lunch or teaching a workshop

Family Dynamics Energy Upgrade


Energetic patterns come to us through biological inheritance and conditioning. With the use of consciousness shifting, laser focus, and sometimes specific frequencies, we locate old unwanted emotional patterns that are ready to be released so the stagnant energy is cleared and DNA upgraded, benefiting the individual and everyone related. Experience a new levels of freedom, clarity and joy!

Sacred Sound SUP


Sound healing meditation on paddleboards in a secluded private shallow bay where we paddle over sponge gardens, sea grass and occasional small sharks, sea turtles & rays for fresh air fitness, sunshine, & peaceful release on the water.

Zen Paddle


Enjoy a moving stand up paddleboard meditation as we embody light codes and pure bliss while our body’s energy filters are naturally cleansed by the sun and saltwater in our private and pristine Namaste Bay. Take in the sights, smells and sounds as your mind shifts from chattering to peaceful and present.

Manifesting Magic


Everything that exists in the world is created twice – first in the mind, then in physical form. In this focus, we go beyond form and look at the energy that precedes it and then trace it back to what might be blocking whatever you’re trying to manifest from coming into form. We clear the block(s) and voila, it’s able to manifest like magic!

Quantum Sound Therapy

silver headphones.jpg

Ready for a quantum leap? Through a quick voice analysis, we create unique balancing tones that bring body, mind and spirit into coherence and balance. The tones act like WD40 to loosen old stubborn subconsious programming, often clearing sabotaging behavior patterns that eons of therapy couldn't touch. Headphones & smart phone required for group work.

Physio-Sound Session


This sound massage uses specific frequencies to target muscles, neurotransmitters, vertebrae and nerves to bring deep healing to the nervous system and balance to the body. Lie in a comfortable position and relax, as low frequencies, like the sound of a cat purring, are played via subwoofer, reaching muscles that are difficult to massage manually and that often balance much faster through frequency. Since frequency is the language of the body, you can feel muscles that carry tension or are injured balance within minutes. Physio Sound can be a powerful asset for athletes or those recovering from chronic stress or injuries.

Yoga Fusion

Women Practicing Yoga

A fun, energetic studio yoga class offering an eclectic mix of yoga therapy, energy medicine, vinyasa flow, kundalini, yin yoga and sound healing. Start your day with a natural energy boost and learn techniques you can use in the studio and in daily life to reduce stress and increase your body's energy. Suitable for beginner and intermediate.

90-Minute Massage

massage pic1.jpg

Enter a deep state of relaxation and inner healing as the loving hands of a gifted massage therapist and intuitive healer work magic to balance tight muscles and facilitate myofascial release.

This session may or may not be available for a group of 6 or more.

Scalar Energy Immersion

quantum sound1.jpg

Our studio emits a scalar energy vortex created by technology that utilizes nested Tesla coils and noble gases. Scalar energy, like zero point energy, cancels out lower man-made frequencies like EMFs and negative human emotions that have a toxic effect. The more time we spend inside a scalar vortex, the more coherent our energies become, which allows our frequency to naturally rise. As our frequency rises, we easily and gracefully release old limiting programming, and we feel lighter, more emotionally balanced and joyful.

How Much FUN Can Your Group Have?



Call for pricing. Let's design your perfect retreat!

Half-day, Full-day, or Multiple days


Our retreats do NOT currently include any travel, food or accommodations. The rooms at local resorts and hotels fill quickly. Be sure to secure your accommodations reservation as soon as possible after booking your retreat with us. Upon booking, you will receive our list of travel, hotel and resort suggestions. Please email Shanda at if you would like to receive our list of travel, hotel and resort suggestions prior to booking. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Shanda at 239-560-6667.

Above the Clouds
How do I know if this is the right venue for my retreat?

Listen to your gut. If you were led here, it is for a reason. If you keep thinking about it, that's more guidance.  :)

If you have ANY questions, feel free to give me a call - 239-560-6667.

We have LOTS of options!

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