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Good Vibes Tribe

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Sound & Energy Healing Self-Care at your Fingertips

For all of the do-gooders, uplifters, lightworkers and powerhouses of love & light out there... we know it's not easy making everyone feel good all the time.


You're accustomed to being the one who lifts everyone else up. But where do you turn when your battery gets low?


The Good Vibes Tribe is a place where YOU can fill yourself back up 24/7... because when you feel good, you make the world a better place!


Join us for a higher dimensional perspective, sound & energy healing, body-mind wellness, manifesting magic, and ascension support. ​

Weekly Livestream Sound Meditations

Join us in the Key West studio from anywhere in the world...

And Happy Nappy your way to a higher vibration & a better life!


7:00 pm EASTERN time

(7:30 pm in summer)


The Good Vibes Tribe makes maintaining a good vibe easy. It's like Meditation for Dummies - the frequencies do the work.

Just get comfy, tune in, and feel better.


  • Discounts on In-Person Sound Meditations

  • Bi-Weekly Sound Bath Meditations & Inspirations

  • Energy Updates & Ascension Support

  • Sound Meditation Library

  • Energy Healing Library

  • Recorded Sound Meditations (so you can listen just before you go to bed or whenever it's most convenient for you)

  • Private Good Vibes Tribe community (not on social media)



$1/day (billed monthly)


change your membership or cancel anytime

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