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Sound Healing + Dolphins

Dolphins and sound healing are two subjects we are most passionate about! 

Why... because they both make us feel so great.  How?  ... through vibrational coherence.

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Dolphin Intelligence & Healing Abilities

Dolphins are intelligent sentient beings whose brains possess 40% more cerebral cortex than humans. 

The cerebral cortex is responsible for carrying out higher mental functions like memory, thinking, learning, reasoning, problem-solving, emotions, consciousness, and sensory functions.

This center for higher processes is also the area of the brain used for direct brain-to-brain communication or telepathy.

Dolphins are masters of frequency, not only through the echolocation they use for communication and seeing in murky water, but also in their ability to heal themselves.

Dolphins possess regenerative abilities that allow them to heal surprisingly fast and rebuild missing tissue, comparable to how amphibians can regrow limbs.

And their skin and blubber are believed to contain natural antibiotics that keep infections in check.

Humans can learn a lot from a dolphin's ability to heal!

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Coherence through Sound Healing

Coherence is 'the quality of being logically integrated, consistent, and intelligible​."

In Sound Therapy, we capitalize on our brain's natural tendency to synchronize with its surroundings by delivering desired frequencies to help us turn internal mental chaos into vibrational coherence at the frequency level.

As we cultivate coherence, we experience heightened states of awareness, emotional stability, mental focus, and physical vitality.

This coherence makes us easier to be around... you might say it even makes us smarter.

It definitely makes it easier for our pets, children, friends and family to be around us. 

Sound Meditation and Frequency Therapy are tools that can heighten not only our personal healing, but our abilities to heal others through our own state of coherence and brain-to-brain communication.

We invite you to come experience this in person!
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Raising Our Frequency Naturally

Since ancient times, dolphins have saved humans from drowning and shark attacks. And through empathetic interaction, close contact with dolphins can trigger our own inherent healing powers. Studies have confirmed that such contact can enhance the learning abilities of the mentally handicapped, bring relief to the emotionally disturbed, and encourage recovery from life-threatening illness.


It is has been said that play is one of the greatest expressions of intelligence, and dolphins are champions in this arena! 

Playing with dolphins opens within us a portal of joy, one of the highest emotional states, that raises our frequency and lifts us into new capacities for love, compassion and forgiveness.

The joy we experience in the presence of dolphins is one of the easiest and fastest ways to raise our frequency and enter a state of bliss.

Dolphin Swim & Encounter

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A dream-come-true for most of us is the up-close connection with an amazing dolphin ambassador who is willing to impart higher dimensional vibrations into us through brain synchronization (much the same way that sound healing works). The feel of their skin, the wisdom in their eyes, the magic in the interactions... beyond words!

Wild Dolphin Charter

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Another wonderful way to connect with dolphins is in thier natural environment. Here in the Keys, the local dolphin population likes to hang out in an area called the Dolphin Playground. Being able to be in their environment helps us attune to their vibration. We are not allowed to swim with them in the wild here, so we observe from a distance, send loving vibes, then enjoy snorkeling and sandbars in locations optimal for the day's conditions.


Shanda Beste, founder of Namaste Healing + Retreat Center, first moved to Key West in 1992 following  a college internship at the Dolphin Research Center. 

Two years prior, while attending college in Birmingham, Alabama, the dolphins started visiting Shanda in her dreams. In these surreal encounters, she would swim with them and breathe underwater, experiencing unparalleled joy. 

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The dreams were so powerful, they inspired her to design her college degree and subsequent pursuits around studying dolphins in the wild and learning their language.

After graduation, she moved to Key West, got a job on a sailboat and worked towards acquiring sea time and her captain’s license.  After gaining the experience she wanted, Shanda was led to many different pursuits including opening her first wellness center, health food store and yoga studio, followed by a paddleboard tour business and eventually back to Key West to open a sound healing center.

It was ironic that the further away from the sea Shanda moved, the more telepathic communications she had with dolphins.  While living in a log cabin in the North Georgia mountains studying intuitive communication, the dolphins came to her again, laughing at the silly human notion that you need a boat and a captain’s license to communicate with dolphins, the lesson being that consciousness is non-local and we can access “dolphin energy” from anywhere.

Shanda now also understands the language they were destined to teach her was not necessarily their clicks and whistles, but sound healing!

We are delighted to be the first to offer sound healing at the Dolphin Research Center, where Shanda's dolphin connection began over 30 years ago. We invite you to join us in a brand new experience exploring human-dolphin consciousness, sound healing and meditation!


The mission of DRC has been to provide a safe forever home to dolphins and other animals, while allowing its residents to act as animal ambassadors educating and inspiring generations of people to love, honor and respect each other and our environment and live in peace and harmony.

Our support helps fund the never-ending care for the amazing dolphins and other animals at DRC. The first facility on the grounds of DRC was Milton Santini's Porpoise Training School in the 1940s. It was the original Flipper Sea School. When you enter the facility, you'll see a monument to Mitzi, the first dolphin who starred as "Flipper." 

DRC evolved in the 70s and 80s into rescue and rehabilitation for injured and abandoned dolphins, providing them with a forever home. And now, the dolphins there have it so good, they keep multiplying! There are now 27 dolphins, half of whom were born at DRC… that’s 3 generations of dolphins!!! 

DRC is also home to exotic tropical birds including macaws, a parrot and cockatoo, even a flock of peafowl (peacocks & peahens), since 1972 when DRC was also the Florida Keys Seabird Sanctuary. Also among DRC residents are sea lions, tortoises and iguanas. 

A day at DRC is a Garden of Eden experience!

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