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Sound, Energy & Consciousness


Often referred to as the medicine of the future, healing with sound and light are non-invasive techniques that work on the energy that governs all of the bodily processes.

Sound waves act as pressure waves and interact with the body's electromagnetic field to clear stagnant energy and recharge deficient energy centers, helping restore a more balanced energy flow. People describe the effects of the experience as feeling more grounded, more peaceful and lighter.

As the body's energies become more balanced, we experience better sleep, deep relaxation, a quieting of the mind, improved cognition, less overwhelm, emotional balance, increased blood circulation and more. Once in a more balanced physical, mental and emotional state, we are able to hear and feel our spiritual connection.

Sound healing works well with other forms of healing. It can help chiropractic adjustments last longer. It can dramatically speed healing from injury or surgery. Sound healing can facilitate a quick shift in brainwave state (from stress to relaxation), and the benefits are cumulative. Each time we clear out old stagnant energy from the electromagnetic field, we upgrade the body's ability to hold its electrical charge. 

Sound healing can benefit adults, children, the elderly, even pets!

There are many forms of sound healing. The ones we specialize in are:

Sound Bath Meditation 

Specific Frequency Sound Therapy

Biofield Clearing + Alignment

Tuning Fork Sessions

Certain forms of sound healing can take place

  • in a studio 

  • in nature

  • on the water...

  • even IN the water!

You can experience a sound bath meditation, a concert of healing tones and frequencies produced by a variety of sacred sound healing instruments, in-person for a whole-body experience...

Or join our bi-weekly live event virtually or via livestream (we have an app for that!).

Sound therapy may use digital frequencies that speak the language of the nervous system. Some sound therapists use their voice... and a sound therapist may have you use your voice.

If you are new to sound healing, we recommend starting with a Chakra Balancing Sound Bath Meditation. You don't have to have a meditation practice to feel the benefits. In fact, sound healing makes meditation really easy. We call it "meditation for dummies."

You may feel so great after a sound bath, that you develop a meditation practice! Warning... feeling this good is highly addictive (and really good for you)!

Join us in person on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. 

​Or join our Good Vibe Tribe to join via LIVESTREAM from anywhere in the world!



According to quantum physics, energy is everything and everything is energy

Thoughts are electrical impulses and emotions are magnetic resonance.

Our physical bodies are simply the holographic reflection of our thoughts and emotions.


In an energy healing session, energetic blocks are removed to allow a person to heal on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

When we re-organize a pattern of energetic chaos (anger, guilt, unforgiveness) into coherence (peace, love and understanding), not only do we experience immediate relief, but we change the blueprint from which cells replicate.

We specialize in creating shifts in consciousness that change the pattern of energy that create the physical structure of the body.

Working at this level, clients may experience everything from a reduction in pain to a full spontaneous healing; a boost in confidence and personal power to a complete healing in a relationship without conflict; losing a few pounds to a full metabolic reset; improved work conditions to manifesting great wealth.

It all depends on the consciousness level of the client and his or her willingness to find and clear any old error messages that create subconscious blocks within the energy field. 

Sound & Energy Healing can work very well in conjunction with other methods of healing, including Conventional Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aruyvedic Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Chiropractic, Massage, Nutrition, Yoga, and more.

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One of the biggest gifts we can give someone in a healing session is the understanding of WHY their body is expressing itself with specific symptoms.

Unlike the modern medicine model that sees parts as separate from the whole & works to suppress symptoms, the mind-body connection model we use sees that the body is always working to protect us and in doing so, it perceives people, foods, environments, smells as either safe or as a potential threat.

In this unconventional approach, we see that most symptoms are a healing phase based on an orderly system that is divinely coded, one where the body is not making a mistake, but rather helping to make us stronger.


The mind-body connection model we use was created by a brilliant Western-trained medical doctor and has been proven over decades through brain scans and through thousands of case studies.

The information gained empowers our clients with the understanding that their body is an incredible, divinely designed system that is always responding perfectly to the stresses and challenges a person experiences.

This model also helps us learn to "think like the nervous system," and see the healing that's happening in everything from a runny nose to osteoporosis; a skin rash to depression; multiple sclerosis to cancer.

When we reverse engineer physical symptoms, we connect the autonomic nervous system processes and the conscious mind in a way where everything makes perfect senses. When the nervous system (the 95% of us that's running the show) and the conscious mind (the 5% that's trying to figure it out) work together, the confusion, fear and resistance disappear, and we are left with resounding love, gratitude and deep appreciation for the magnificence and magic of the whole healing process. 

Our mind-body connection work may be built into a Emotional CPR session that's done over the phone... and built into one of our retreats.

We look forward to helping you connect the dots through this reverse engineering process and offering a higher dimensional perspective that brings resounding peace and understanding... what a healing gift!

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