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Energy Circuit & Spa

sound, light & energy activation - unplug & awaken

Our 90-minute energy circuit & spa combines rejuvenating self-care therapies to help you feel good, look good and improve performance, sleep, cognition, energy level and more.



1 – ACTIVATE good vibes, stimulate blood flow and reduce cellulite sitting or standing on a Vibration Plate Exerciser for up to 10 minutes.

2 – RELAX your mind for 15 minutes in the Electronic Massage Chair that specializes in upper back and shoulders.


3 – RECHARGE the mitochondria of your cells with Red Light Therapy that helps reduce inflammation, speed recovery, reduce pain, stimulate collagen, accelerate healing & wound repair, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, awaken the pineal gland and more.


4 – BOOST energy flow in your body as you lie on a Crystal Healing Biomat that emits far infrared heat and negative ions… with your legs in the Chi Machine, a passive aerobic exerciser that moves lymph, blood, and chi.


5 – DETOX your body in the Infrared Sauna as you quickly and easily sweat out toxins.


6 – SOAK up even more goodness in the Microbubble Spa – a chemical-free spa where billions of oxygen-rich micro bubbles gently exfoliate your skin and charge your cells with 70% more oxygen than tap water. As the micro-bubbles turn the water milky white, enjoy rejuvenation, relaxation, gentle skin exfoliation and a sweet oxygen buzz that leaves you silky smooth and deeply refreshed.  

Our Synergy Room Energy Circuit detox and recharge, you will help you SHINE! 

The effects last for days and increase over time.


  • silky smooth skin

  • increased energy & stamina

  • reduced wrinkles and better complexion

  • a more even temperament

  • improved collagen & joint health

  • reduced stiffness

  • increased range of motion

  • better sleep

  • enhanced metabolism, digestion & elimination,

  • improved cognition, and more

Synergy Room group-red.jpg

The Synergy Room experience grows with you. Unlike simply doing similar individual therapies at home, the circuit offers designated YOU time free from distractions, and also a synergistic effect by combining modalities.

During your first visit, we start you with the basic 6, then on subsequent visits, we add additional therapies and a myriad of variations to customize the experience for your optimal enjoyment and amazing results.


Good Vibes Plate


The easiest way EVER to get in shape! The Vibration Plate Exerciser is a passive exercise modality (you just stand on it - it does all the work) that relaxes and tones muscles, stimulates blood circulation, eliminates cellulite, boosts metabolism, burns fat, and reduces pain and stiffness in just 15 minutes. Vibe your way to excellent health!

Massage Chair


Enjoy a deep shiatsu massage working knots out of your neck, shoulders, and back. The shiatsu massage pad also offers heat to soothe tired and sore muscles, helping you reach a new level of chill.

Red Light Therapy


Simply sit or stand in front of a panel of the most advanced photobiomodulation units available as 6 therapeutic wavelengths of light (low level red light, near infrared light and blue light) improve blood flow, increase collagen production, improve mitochondrial function (recharge your body’s cell’s batteries), reduce pain & inflammation in muscles and on skin surface and more during this easy 20-minute session.


Crystal Healing Biomat


a session on a bed of amethyst crystals and green tourmaline that produces far infrared heat and negative ions and lots of indescribable crystal magic! A great way for the body, mind and spirit to deeply relax and integrate.

Chi Machine


This passive aerobic exerciser helps circulate the body’s natural chi, increasing lymph and blood flow, assisting in detoxification & pain relief and increasing overall circulation and energy. Lie on your back, place your feet in the cradles, and a dynamic wave of sideways motion stimulates the area between the pelvis and navel, the hara or dantian, considered to be the central battery of the body. Look and feel younger with ease! 

Infrared Sauna


Our one-person red cedar sauna utilizes 10 ultra-low EMF carbon fiber heaters for a full spectrum sauna experience with oxygen ionizer, chromotherapy light, and Bluetooth. Simply sit, sweat and detox in just 15 minutes. Boost heart health and reduce blood pressure, similar to walking at a moderate pace, while soothing sore muscles and relieving pain. Other benefits include weight loss, better sleep, reduced oxidative stress, cellular detox, and decreased anxiety, depression and stress.

Microbubble Spa


During this hydrotherapy session, a single microbubble jet pressurizes water with billions of tiny oxygen-rich bubbles (70% more than tap water) to moisturize, gently exfoliate and detoxify.  Your inner child will LOVE the bubbles and your skin & brain will thank you for this chemical-free natural oxygen energy boost. 

Biaxial Energizer

biaxial energizer1.jpg

A relaxing 15-minute spa session where bare feet are placed on a whole-body energizer that utilizes magnets rotating in 3 directions simultaneously to stimulate the body’s energy naturally by restoring circulation in the feet. Magnets have long been used to increase the body’s sustainable energy. This session helps ground your energy and awaken new reserves you never knew you had – without caffeine, stimulants, or their subsequent crash – by charging the body’s electromagnetic field. 


SYNERGY: the interaction or cooperation of two or more agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. Working together as team, operating in harmony.

Our Synergy Circuit creates harmony and flow in the body and mind.

Finish your 90-minute session with a fresh cold-pressed juice, nootropic beverage, sparkling mineral water and/or a snack available for purchase in the lobby. 

NOTE: Some of the therapies are not appropriate for people wtih certain health conditions. If you have ANY health conditions or recent injuries, be sure to consult with your healthcare provider prior to booking. A few conditions that limit the therapy choices are eplipesy, pregnancy, pacemaker, seizures, heart conditions and high blood pressure.

Also, the space is small and most of the equipment is designed for bodies up to about 250 pounds and/or up to about 6 ft 2 in tall. Any bodies that are much larger or taller might not feel comfortable in this room and/or with this equipment.

If you have ANY questions about what any of the therapies entail, please call Shanda at 239-560-6667.

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