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Shanda Beste, founder

 Shanda is a powerful intuitive, sound & energy healer, and mind-body connection specialist who uses cutting edge technology and deep compassion to offer a higher dimensional perspective in a way that provides tremendous peace and reminds us of our power and purpose.


Since 2008, she has used her gifts to help clear negative energies from clients’ lives, allowing them to hear their soul’s guidance and align with love, peace, clarity and their unique purpose.


The work she offers reverse engineers negative relationship patterns, health imbalances, weight & body image issues and lack of confidence and transforms them into life purpose treasures.

She empowers her clients with tangible techniques they can do every day that help them find and maintain a higher, more peaceful vibration.


She has single-handedly founded three wellness centers in two states and has been helping people transform their lives from the smallest details like specific daily food choices to major life transitions like divorce, career change, family expansion, and loss.


Her strong intuition and attention to detail help her work in the “wiring” of the human autonomic nervous system programming to clear the hidden blocks people can’t see that are keeping them stuck.

Healing Modalities

Shanda is a serial entrepreneur, creative and intuitive with an insatiable appetite for new experiences. This passion translates to healing modalities. There's always something new in development.


Quantum Sound Therapy

BioAcoustic Balancing

Bionetic Body Balancing + Digital Homeopathy

Emotional Centerpoint Release

Biofield Clearing + Alignment

Tong Ren

Applied Kinesiology

Bio-Well Energy Analysis

Emotox Allergy Elimination

Feng Shui

Sound Bath Meditation

Tuning Fork Therapy

Yoga Therapy

SUP Yoga

Emotion Code

Arcturus Lymphstar

Animal Acupressure & Massage & Nutrition according to TCM


Education, Experience & Other Fun Stuff

1988 - 1992

B.A. in Photojournalism & Ecology 
Birmingham-Southern College

Attended B-SC on a Fine & Performing Arts scholarship for classical ballet, graduated magna cum laude, then moved to Key West to work on a sailboat

2003 - present

Real Estate

Member of No. 1 Sales Team in US for New Home Sales , First Home Builders, Ft. Myers, FL

Real estate sales associate & part owner, Sandbill Realty Group

Real estate investor - spec homes, flips, long & short-term rentals

1990s to present

founder 30A Paddleboard Yoga, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

founder Inner Chi Wellness, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

founder All is Well Health & Inspirations, Andalusia, AL

founder Candle

  • freelance graphic & web designer

  • writer, editor & graphics for daily & weekly newspapers

  • author Path To What You Want, available on Amazon

  • volunteer firefighter, Rocky Ridge Fire Department, Birmingham, AL

  • 1st mate, Stars & Stripes Catamaran, Key West, FL

  • mate, Segabo Catamaran, Key West, FL

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