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fast & efficient multi-dimensional healing through brainwave synchronization


Specific Frequency Sound Therapy is a form of sound healing that uses specific frequencies unique to an individual, as determined by voice analysis and/or astrological data, that balance the whole nervous system through brainwave entrainment. This therapy is also known as bioacoustic balancing and vibrational retraining.​​



Brainwave entrainment or synchronization works because brainwaves naturally synchronize to the rhythm of periodic external stimuli. As we listen to the desired specific frequencies, the brain naturally synchronizes with them. We move from an unwanted pattern of chaos, compression and stress into the desired patterns of coherence, joy, peace and expansion.


Emotions stabilize, we are able to focus naturally, sleep better, and have more confidence. Over just a few weeks, the excess frequencies are balanced and the brain remembers how to make missing or deficient frequencies.


The result is a brain that's coherent, a nervous system that's no longer in fight-flight-freeze mode, and a person who is calm and balanced, less reactive (emotionally and physically), and not as easily triggered.​​

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Binaural beats are created when two tones of different frequencies are played in each ear. An auditory illusion happens, allowing the brain to register both single tones and a third tone that is the difference between the two true tones.


For example, if the left ear registers a tone at 200 Hz and the right ear registers one at 210 Hz, the binaural beat is 10 Hz — the difference between the two frequencies. Listening to binaural beats is a popular way of influencing a desired brainwave state.


delta (0.5 - 4 hz) - deep sleep, restoration

theta (4 -8 hz) - visualization, dreaming, trance

alpha (8 - 12 hz) - meditation, creativity, relaxation

beta (12-30 hz) - alert, concentration, thinking

gamma (40 - 100 hz) -  insight, peak performance, bliss


We are all unique, so listening to tones to influence a general brainwave state (alpha, delta, theta, etc) may bring one person into balance and other out of balance. Without knowing your starting position, general entrainment with binaural beats can be hit or miss.


Only specific frequency sound therapy offers frequencies specific to YOU based on voice analysis and/or your astrological data.


Some of the frequency therapy we use employs binaural beats, some are single frequencies and some are a golden six waveform.

.. but ALL of the frequencies are pertinent to balancing YOU. ​

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Frequency therapy can help just about anyone. We work primarily with adults, but it can be very helpful for children, the elderly, even pets. The main couterindication is epilepsy or seizures. Please call for additional information.​

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EXAMPLE: A person who has suffered depression for a long time may be deficient in feel-good neurotransmitters like oxytocin, endorphins, or dopamine. Most people aren't born depressed. We become depressed after chronic stress and/or trauma and situations that seem hopeless or overwhelming. To balance through frequencies, we do a voice analysis (usually over the phone), and gather pertinent info regarding stressful events that may have led to the depression, as well as the date, time and place of the clien'ts birth, and the birth date of any relavant family members.


We prepare a set of specific frequencies that will provide the nervous system the signals it was missing. The frequency set may include feel-good neurotransmitters, the supressed frequencies within the person's birth tones... and perhaps the frequencies of a loved one whose departure triggered the depression and overwhelm. 


The client listens to the balancing tones for 30-60 minutes once or 2x a day (while doing other things). The positive effects are usually felt immediately. Just like restoring power after a storm, the brain begins to make the signals on its own again, and physical, mental and emotional balance are restored.​

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Birth Tones are a set of balancing frequencies based on astrological data and the frequencies and relational harmonics of the position of the planets at the time of your birth.

Each person has their own unique musical scale based on these frequencies and alignments. We can use frequencies from this musical scale therapeutically.


Your Essence

This consists of your Sun Sign (physical self) & its Opposite/Reciprocal (nonphysical self) frequency.

This combo balances the core essence of YOU. Great to listen to anytime.


Inner Essence

Moon Sign (emotional self) & its Opposite/Balance/Reciprocal. This combo offers deep healing and a balancing of your inner emotions. Deep healing here


Physical Body Balance

Helps balance the physical body and assist in its maintenance; gives you extra strength when building or strengthening the physical body or recovering from injury


Emotional Detox

Clearing your empath filters. Helps clear the discordant energies (like other people’s emotional baggage) from your electromagnetic field, strengthening the physical body, clearing the mind and stabilizing emotions


Emotional Processing - Past

Helps us process emotional events and resolve at the subconscious level emotional conflicts from the past


Emotional Processing - Future

Helps us process worries and anxieties around future potentials; with a clear mind and balanced emotional state, we can easily envision and manifest our highest & best timeline​


Most people experience an upsurge in confidence, more energy and an improved sense of well-being.

When given back to the body (much like homeopathic medicine) the frequencies help to entrain the brain into remembering how to make the missing frequencies, tempering the highest tones and strengthening the weak tones. After a few days or weeks, your life having shifted into a more coherent state.


The information works on the subconscious level where all of our programming exists, in an area mostly unreachable by the conscious mind. It is in this part of the subconscious that all emotional triggered responses emanate and disease manifestation begins as the body’s response to different stresses.


Balancing at the frequency level delivers amazing results in our emotional and physical balance and in our ability to manifest highest and best reality.



the most comprehensive frequency therapy 

The Quantum Leap Retreat is our most comprehensive package of frequency therapy… all done virtually… to help you heal on all levels. It consists of 6 one-on-one sessions that take place over the phone and at your own pace – from 6 weeks to 3 months or more.

• Pain and imbalances that drugs or surgery haven’t remedied​​
• Healing emotional traumas without having to discuss or relive them
Family wounds and ancestral patterns you’re rneady to transcend
• Dysfunction or inability to cope from being highly sensitive
Dysregulated nervous system
Slow recovery from illness
Autoimmune disorders
Subconscious reprogramming
Anxiety, depression, isomnia, overwhelm, rumination
• Filling in the gaps that talk therapy can’t reach
Food allergies, histamine intolerance
• Clearing empath filters - dumping the emotional baggage of others 
Recovery from narcissist abuse - getting your power back
Emotional processing
• Realizing your purpose
Burnout so often experienced by healers and other professionals
Awakening consciousness

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