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An online course for parents, caregivers, animal lovers, massage therapists, yoga instructors… laymen and practitioners who are attracted to sound healing with tuning forks


Introduce sound healing with sacred tone tuning forks to your family’s energy medicine toolkit or to your body work practice to enhance relaxation & mental clarity and dramatically speed healing and recovery from injury.

This course includes a 50-page color digital manual and links to 20+ instructional and inspirational videos. 


• reduce pain, swelling & inflammation

• clear and balance emotional overwhelm

• relieve stress

• improve sleep

• dramatically speed healing post trauma, accident or surgery



• stress fracture healed in an hour

• black eye transformed from red to black to green to clear in only 3 hours

• a 4-day neck jam that prevented sitting, sleeping, riding, much less working, was cleared and pain relieved after a one-hour session (tuning forks never even made contact with the body)

• blood pressure stabilized (when the client had gone from coma to stroke level the day prior)

• week-long back pain resolved in one hour

• knee and hip injury that lasted 2 weeks, healed in one 2-hour session

• a horse no one could touch became calm within minutes of activating tuning forks to balance him

• and MANY MORE testimonials


SECTION ONE - History & Information

1)    A Brief History of Sound Healing
2)    Benefits of Sound Healing with Tuning Forks
3)    Testimonials
4)    How Tuning Forks Facilitate Healing
5)    Volage + pH
6)    Nitric Oxide
7)    Biofields
8)    Chakras
9)    Auras
10)    Coherence
11)    Sensing Energy
12)    Types of Forks
13)    Frequencies


SECTION 2 - Conducting a Tuning Fork Session
1)    Set the Space
2)    For the Practitioner (Protect Your Energy, Set Intention, Ask Permission, Visualize)
3)    Ergonomics
4)    Contraindications
5)    How to Hold the Fork      
6)    How to Activate the Fork        
7)    Enhancing Your Method – Incorporating into Body Work
8)    Movement Patterns for Clearing Energy Fields
9)    How Emotions & Temperature Move Qi 
10)    Using Forks on the Body
11)    Tuning Fork First Aid + Recovery from Injury
12)    BONUS: Healing, Charging & Transforming Water
13)    Recommended Reading & Resources


Please note: Course does NOT include sound healing instruments. Instruments and one-on-one instruction via Zoom or comparable telecommunication are available as add-ons to this online course.


This course allows you to learng at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. No travel expenses.  The course also works in conjunction with our 3-day in-person certification training.


Here's a link to a video explaining the course: (short version) (long version)


Call Shanda at 239-560-6667 if you need any additional information.

Online Tuning Fork Class

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