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Sound Therapy Solutions

This soundtrack uses specific frequency sound therapy to deliver the frequency equivalent of 5 flower essences plus neurobalancing frequencies to help overcome the chains and limits of addiction. Though there are many faces of addiction, this soundtrack is intended to target the subtle emotional emptiness we try to fill with alcohol, shopping, social media, sex, work, and more. Once the uncomfortable feelings are addressed and healed, our addictions no longer have power over us.


The flower essences selected for this remedy address the specific emotional currents of:

  • inner suffering and anguish hidden by a smiling or brave face
  • adapting to change and protecting oneself from outside influences
  • loss of self-control 
  • recognizing when we're not choosing the highest past, so we learn from past experiences and mistakes and evolve 
  • blood sugar balancing


This 23-minute soundtrack can be used anytime, anywhere. When you feel the urge to partake in an addiction you're trying to overcome, simply lie down in a quiet space, relax, and breathe deeply, as you powerfully intend to make better choices that serve you as you listen to these comforting tones. You know it's working when you feel floaty, tingly, deep relaxation, mild pressure, emotional release or other sensations in the body.


Flower Essences are one of the original vibrational medicines used since the 1930s to ease emotional distress. The benefits of flower essences are now available in a digital form that often works even faster and more effectively than the original tinctures, since sound waves are a potent form of vibrational medicine that speaks directly to the whole nervous system.


This innovative, non-toxic & drug-free remedy employs the specific frequencies of 8+ flower essences through brainwave entrainment to promote relaxation, and balance the emotional body, providing a new healthier habit (that ultimately helps us feel much better and raise our vibration) so we can break free from the chains of addiction.


Simply listen to this 23-minute soundtrack as needed for immediate results.


Unlike a consumable flower essence, homeopathic remedy or supplement, your one-time purchase affords you a fast, effective remedy you can enjoy daily... and forever... and the results are cumulative.


Through brain entrainment, specific frequency sound therapy directly affects the nervous system, bypassing the digestive system and the time required for any chemical processes.


Enjoy a time-out and emotional reset that doesn't require travel or an appointment, and that you can use anytime, anywhere, from the comfort and ease of your cell phone.


Experience the transformative power of sound with our Addiction Relief soundtrack. 


Listen through your cell phone or optimize the experience with a headset or bluetooth speaker.


NOTE: Be sure your speaker(s) offer a frequency range that covers 15 - 30 hz.


CONTRAINDICATIONS: DO NOT USE if you have a history of s