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Sound Therapy Solutions

This soundtrack uses specific frequency sound therapy to target and balance numerous muscles of the hips and thighs (particularly the ilopsoas muscles) as well as vagus nerve, oxygen, neurotransmitters, meridian resets, and components of emotional release to help induce relaxation and release muscle tension through brainwave entrainment.


Simply lie down, relax, and breathe deeply, as you listen to this 39-minute soundtrack. You know it's working when you feel deep relaxation, floaty, tingly, emotional release, pressure, movement or other sensations within your body.


The iliopsoas muscles (aka psoas), often referred to as the muscle of the soul, hold onto traumatic experiences on a cellular level.


Some of our deepest core muscles, tension here can also create low back pain, shoulder, upper back & neck pain, and the inability to take a full deep breath resulting in toxicity in connective tissue.  


The psoas is the protector of our center of gravity and linked to our reptilian brain and our survival instincts. When the nervous system signals the fight or flight response, psoas is one of the primary muscles signaled. 


The psoas remembers every trauma, so it doesn't just open and stretch like other muscles. It must be gently coaxed and feel SAFE first.


Specific sound frequency therapy is one of the most efficient means for somatic release, and it can be done in the ultimate safe environment - by yourself in the environment of your choice. 


This innovative, non-toxic & drug-free sound massage employs specific frequencies through brainwave entrainment to promote relaxation, safe somatic release, and increased circulation from within by speaking the language of the nervous system.


Simply listen to this 39-minute soundtrack as needed for immediate results.


Use as needed or simply turn the soundtrack on upon waking or going to sleep.


You might also benefit from the Sound Massage for Pelvic Floor Balance, Lower Back Pain Relief, and Neck & Shoulder Sound Massage, as these areas of the body tend to relate to each other in holding stress and tension.


Enjoy deep relaxation as the muscles, meridians, neurotransmitters, and emotions are entrained back into balance. Not only does your one-time purchase afford you a somatic release session you can enjoy daily... and forever...  but the results are cumulative.


Specific frequencies can reach muscles that manual massage sometimes can't touch. Enjoy a time-out that doesn't require travel or an appointment, and that you can use anytime, anywhere.


Experience the transformative power of sound with our Trauma Release Sound Massage.


Listen through your cell phone or optimize the experience with a headset or bluetooth speaker.


NOTE: Be sure your speaker(s) offer a frequency range that covers 15 - 30 hz.


CONTRAINDICATIONS: DO NOT USE if you have a history of seizures or epilepsy. Do not use if pregnant. Do not use while driving, operating equipment, or while doing any task that requires concentration and focus.


Namaste Healing & Retreat Center LLC does not accept any liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred by the use of any sound therapy tones or soundtracks, which are for informational, educational and recreational purposes only and are not intended to replace proper medical care.


Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.


All sales are final on digital products. This soundtrack is for personal use ONLY. By completing this purchase, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the terms of use.