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Sound Therapy Solutions

You know that "ahhhh..." sensation you get from the first gulp of your favorite alcoholic beverage... the sweet relief and visceral nervous system shift out of stress and into rest... experience a similar (or even better) buzz but without the unwanted side effects of alcohol.


We almost named this one "shit-eating grin"  or "stoner smile" because that's what this blend of neurotransmitters and natural relaxants like oxygen and flower essences delivers.


Included are two soundtracks - the original 30-minute soundtrack (use for deep entrainment) and a quick 9-minute (use for a booster or on-the-go) that can be used anytime, anywhere.


UPDATE: We also added a Happy Buzz 2 original (35 min) & quick (9 min) version that includes serotonin. Some people need it, some don't. It's the last tone in both soundtracks.


Simply lie down in a quiet space, relax, and breathe deeply, as you listen to these comforting tones. You know it's working when you deeply relax, feel floaty, tingly, spontaneously smile, experience an emotional release, and other sensations in the body.


This special formula offers the frequency equivalent of 4 feel-good hormones that act as a natural anti-depressant and influence how we feel and how our bodies function. 


When we smile for no good reason (other than the amazing buzz that comes from the brain when listening to this soundtrack), we experience a mild euphoria that's contagious.


When we smile at someone and they smile back, we create a happy healthy loop where we both receive a boost to our immunity, a lowering of our blood pressure and a reduction of pain.


When we are happy, our cells vibrate in harmony and our overall health and longevity are boosted. 


"Life is like a mirror, smile at it and it smiles back at you"


Laughter is the best medicine!


This innovative, non-toxic & drug-free remedy employs specific frequencies through brainwave entrainment to promote a totally legal stoner smile, happiness t