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Sound Therapy Solutions

Love is strong, and love lives on. As we move through the natural grieving process and heal, we can more easily access our loved ones who have transitioned. 


This sound therapy soundtrack is designed to help make the grieving process a little easier and help us move through it with ease and grace. It utilizes the frequency equivalent of flower essences, meridians, chakras, and more to help you ground and center your energy.


Flower essences are truly magical when it comes to anything emotional. They are effective in restoring happiness and joy in humans and animals. The frequencies used in this soundtrack help breathe new life into the cells of the body, ground the body's energy so we feel safe and nurtured, and help us find our new center.


This soundtrack makes a great gift for someone who is grieving.


The flower essences selected for this remedy help clear the negative emotional currents of:

  • sudden loss
  • sense of hopelessness that comes from long-term illness
  • shock & trauma
  • deep gloom
  • releasing self-blame and guilt
  • feeling overwhelmed by duties and responsibilities
  • physical and mental exhaustion
  • overwhelming worry for family
  • depression, isolation & apathy


And help 

  • rebuild inner confidence
  • have the courage to face the day
  • remember how to relax and breathe
  • boost cellular respiration
  • tone & balance the body's organ systems responsible for processing grief & letting go
  • shift the nervous s