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Do you have an energy leak?

Exploring Energy in Relationships

Understanding how your energy affects and is effected by every relationship in your life is crucial to your health, wealth, peace, confidence and balance. If you are in a relationship with any person, place or situation that chronically drains your energy (chronic negativity, stressful job, verbal abuse, geography that is not supportive of your body chemistry), it can wreak havoc on your health and well-being.

Oftentimes this slow energy drain will show up first as myriad of symptoms – fatigue, irritability, digestive complaints, headaches, muscular tension, etc. trying to get our attention. If we don’t find the energy leak and make corrections, symptoms speak louder, and we get more and more uncomfortable. Just like you can’t fix a water leak (plumbing) by replacing a breaker (electrical), you can’t fix an energetic problem with a chemical solution. Prescription drugs cannot fix an energy leak, and they clog detoxification pathways. Long-term effects of drugs can greatly diminish quality of life. Energy medicine aims to alleviate stress at the root cause of 90% of all physical imbalances – stress in the psyche and emotional body. Taking responsibility for one’s health – from the food & drinks we consume to the thoughts we think… from the type and frequency of exercise to the amount of stress we endure… is an essential step in not only healing from an illness but in creating radiant health from the inside out.

Understanding that we ARE what we think, eat, and feel… and learning to use the power of the conscious mind in healing… can create long-lasting, sustainable wellness and a truly happy, balanced life.

Please visit for more information or to book a session to help find and resolve any energy leaks that may be draining you of your precious life energy.

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