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Healing doesn't have to be complicated. It doesn't even necessarily require technology. Sooo many times, it's just a matter of finding the ONE simple thing that's blowing one of our body's circuits... that little blip of chaos in our otherwise blissful coherence... the little splinter in the bottom of the foot that makes the whole organism shift out of alignment.

I've been plagued with pain in my legs for months. It comes and goes, sometimes stays and stays, typically getting worse with movement (which drives a high energy person like me crazier than I already am). I've tried lots of things and would get relief, only for the pain to come back again. I'm a healer (we're all healers), so not being able to pinpoint the cause/effect issue was not only keeping me in aggravating pain, but also affecting my self-esteem as a healer!

I had noticed that when I would clear my energy centers by focusing on them specifically in meditation, all my pain would go away. Then, as I continued about my life, the pain would return.

This week, I got frustrated enough to FOCUS and ASK the right questions. Much to my surprise, it seems the answer is simple... my heels have not been making contact with the ground. This one simple thing apparently affects everything!!!

When I am fully conscious and focusing on relaxing my pelvis and keeping my heels connected to the ground, even while driving... my pain is GONE. Just like that!!! This has plagued me on & off for years!!!

What if the answer is always THAT SIMPLE?!? Become aware of how and where I'm holding tension in my body and where I'm not grounded... then train my body into this new energy/alignment pattern. What if that's all I have to do and my pain goes away? WOW... no xrays, surgery, pills, magic pillows, salves, potions, lotions, dietary changes... just waking up to recognize that an OLD PATTERN is no longer serving me.

This is a great lesson in vibrational awareness. I know that I tend to be un-grounded. Sarabelle, my first energy healer told me, "Of course you'd rather be up in the clouds talking to the angels, but your real work is here on the Earth... you've got to GROUND!"

It's taken me YEARS to come into a more grounded state. Apparently I still have a LOT of work to do, as we all do (otherwise we wouldn't be here).

In case you're plagued with a similar pain... here's the mechanics of how this one simple thing works: when the heels come off the ground, the quadriceps engage, the pelvis tilts forward, and the body enters a sympathetic nervous system response (fight or flight). This also shuts off digestion, makes the eyes dilate, and sends energy into the hands and feet. It cues up a nice dose of adrenaline so we don't feel a thing. It's all great and fine... until the body starts to short out and wear out.

Placing the weight in the heels grounds the body's energies and turns on the parasympathetic nervous system response (rest/relaxation) which reduces inflammation and pain... and allows us to FEEL safe, grounded, and comfortable in our own skin. Embodying this VIBRATION that is what we all want. It's one thing to THINK positively, it's another to VIBRATE safety, security, and trust.

Finding and clearing these old, automatic programs is the kind of work we specialize in at Namaste Healing + Retreat Center. Oftentimes, it's sooo beautifully and amazingly simple... shifting the mind/consciousness... shifting the emotions... shifting the body (usually in that order)... from victim to hero, from loveless to supported, from broke to abundant, from pain to pleasure.

What if YOUR DREAMS are one simple shift away?!?!

Keep asking, keep focusing, and don't ever give up!!!

And reach out for help if you need it - call Shanda at 239-560-6667.

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