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Private Retreats - Which One is Best for YOU

A Private Healing Retreat is a sacred time of renewal and self-discovery. Any retreat to the beautiful Florida Keys is a wonderful treat, but it's important to choose the right combination of modalities for your unique personal situation to get the highest and best desired results.

Here is a comparison of a few of our Online Bookable Retreats for individuals and couples:


This is our deepest and most intimate retreat that literally re-wires you to see your world in a different way, allowing you to handle new life circumstances in a less stressful way, We do a lot of emotional processing. This retreat is appropriate for someone who's newly separated or divorced, or going through dramatic life changes like changing careers, midlife crisis, etc.

This retreat offers follow-up phone sessions to help you integrate what you learn about your triggered reactions and how to make different decisions once you're back in your original environment. It is sometimes recommended, depending on the circumstances, to continue one-on-one work with Shanda over the next 6 - 12 months via the Accelerated Path To What You Want personal development program.

This retreat is for someone really ready to make some deep, lasting changes.

This retreat begins on Monday and ends on Friday (Monday and Friday are travel days and may or may not include in-person sessions on those days).


This retreat is appropriate for someone whose life is pretty stable (no major crisis or trauma) but they want to deeply relax, recharge and learn how to use a few sound healing instruments, acupressure, flower essences, energy medicine techniques and gentle yoga to increase their personal energy levels, alleviate stress and anxiety and experience a deeper connection to their intuition. This retreat is available as a solo retreat or it's also great to experience with a partner.

This retreat begins on Monday and ends on Thursday... or begins on Thursday and ends of Sunday.


This retreat is all about relaxation, renewal & raising your personal frequency. It offers more of a focus on pampering the physical body (no emotional processing, trauma release, or how-to education/self-improvement). The combination of services offered in Elevate allows a visceral experience of sound healing, including a chakra balancing sound bath mediation, tuning forks on the body and in the energy field, a sound facial, light therapy, and a review of daily habits and how to make easy shifts to take you from wherever you are to a higher vibration (and consequently less stress). And this retreat includes healing experiences in nature (weather dependent).

This retreat begins on Monday and ends on Thursday... or begins on Thursday and ends of Sunday.

While all of our private retreats focus only on YOU, these examples showcase different levels of emotion, mental and physical focus.

We also offer Customized Private Retreats for Individuals and Groups, from one-day to one-week long. Call Shanda at 239-560-6667 to discuss the best fit for you!

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