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INTRODUCING the New BODY SHAPING SPA - Release deeply held tension, pain and trauma

I'm tickled to introduce the new Body Shaping Spa now offered at Namaste Key West Healing + Retreat Center!

This spa class is a fun, easy method of self-care that allows you to release deeply held tension, trauma, & pain in a non-emotional way (no talking, no flashbacks), so you move with more fluidity and grace and LOVE what you see in the mirror.

Stress takes its toll on the body, making us age, wrinkle, and lose our self-care balance, often resulting in a body we judge, condemn, or no longer recognize. If you have experienced shifts in your body that are unwanted, painful, or unpleasant, learn how to remodel your body without having to spend hours every a day in the gym.

I created this powerful self-care protocol after the stress of 2020 took its toll on my body. At the beginning of the quarantine lockdown, I became the full-time care-giver for my beloved dog Zeke who suffered immense pain, went blind and eventually died from what no vet really could diagnose - maybe it was ocular lymphoma? It 4 long months and at least half of it was pure torture, watching my beloved soulmate suffer and eventually die. During that summer, I also commuted 3 hours a day for work for 3 months straight. And my other dog Bella almost died from a triple copperhead snake bite just a few weeks after Zeke's ascension.

That amount of stress and gut-wrenching worry, coupled with the repetitive motion of driving and moving heavy gear, (oh yeah... AND throw in a hurricane too)... had my body aging rapidly!!! I started to seriously not recognize my own body in the mirror.

So... I set out to do what any healer does... HEAL IT! I began to release the traumas held in my muscles by working with the connective tissue or fascia. And, I saw results... FAST. I would do the work at night, see results in the mirror, then wake up in the morning looking refreshed and years younger.

I tested out the techniques and the flow on different bodies. And it worked! The results were fantastic! So we made it official and the Body Shaping Spa was born!

The Body Shaping Spa clears out the body’s storehouse of emotional trauma (without having to get emotional), while it irons out wrinkles, dramatically increases circulation, reduces pain, restores proper joint & bone alignment, and helps erase embarrassing cellulite.

Decades of repetitive motions (driving, computer work, lifting, etc.) can warp the body's network of fascia – the body’s intelligent sensory matrix of information, memory, communication and movement/coordination.

In the Body Shaping Spa, we use sonic & fascial tools to remodel the body from the inside out and help you LOVE what you see in the mirror! The tools are inexpensive, maintenance-free, and can be incorporated into an easy self-care regime that can be as simple as a 10-minute daily touch up on trouble areas (saggy butt, wrinkly arms, jelly belly, etc.) and once a week deep cleanse to keep your vessel shining bright!

Prior to the stresses of 2020, I had started to notice for several years that an odd thing happened when I worked out (dance, yoga, paddling, swimming) - I had tone in some areas and ugly spots in others. The areas opposite of where I held the most tension had really unsightly bunching, wrinkling, sagging, and cellulite. This was not the "reward" I expected after doing what's supposed to be good for my body!

I also noticed that if I experienced deep relaxation, my body would actually look better than when I worked out like crazy. Hmmmm... what was the Universe trying to teach me... after decades of pushing my body to the extremes of dance, yoga, paddling?

Obviously, the answer is BALANCE. I found yoga to heal from dance. Then dance to heal from yoga. Then Stand Up Paddling to heal from life.

And now the Body Shaping Spa to heal from all of it! It has allowed me to continue to do all of my favorite things... without the pain, torque, wrinkles or cellulite!

After this deep release, you'll breathe more deeply and laugh more easily, as your hard-earned wisdom integrates with a youthful glow. The Body Shaping Spa is also great for athletes to reduce soreness, improve alignment, & increase range of motion.

One client said she lost 4 pounds (with no other diet or exercise) after dumping the old emotional stuff stored in her body.

Another client went from being a borderline shut-in from the pandemic fear to visualizing and then embodying a new normal life just weeks after one session.

And here's a testimonial from another client: "I am doing so much better! I was at the end of a PTSD episode. Haven't had one that bad in probably over a year. I wasn't sleeping, was irritable, emotional, angry, snippy, sad, etc. I had two good cries during the session. I have slept great the last two nights. I left the studio that night feeling peaceful and relieved. I even found some understanding and acceptance, pertaining to some current issues in my relationship. It was wonderful and I cannot thank you enough."

The Body Shaping Spa combines beautifully with the Chakra Healing Sound Bath to improve immunity and cellular detox and the Amethyst Crystal Healing Biomat Spa treatment for deep cellular re-programming.

For more info, call or text Shanda at 239-560-6667 or email or visit

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