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Entering a New Dimension


In a society obsessed with technological advances and speed, making a personal intention to go slowly can be a challenge. I believe it's one worth making.

Why? Because we live in a vibrational Universe. When we slow down, we alter our personal vibration. When our vibration changes, so does our life.

If you want to change your life, change your vibe!

Slowing down allows us to enter a different dimension, a simultaneous reality where heaven already exists on earth. The easiest way for me to find this vibe is by spending time in nature and really slowing down.

Instead of hiking through the woods like I'm going for distance, I intentionally limit my range and dramatically slow my pace so that my energy and focus shifts. I try to find the tiniest thing and focus on it - the tiniest plant or bug - things I would normally buzz over so fast I'd have no idea they existed. After just a few minutes of focus in this way, and I'm usually in. My heart opens, my breath changes, and my eyes shift... and once I'm in this altered mind space, I never want to leave!

I learned this technique over 20 years ago working on snorkel boats. We'd launch 20+ people in the water at a time and no matter how many times we'd say to go slowly and quietly, most people would jump in briskly, do laps around the reef, and make such a ruckus they'd scare the fish away. But if you watch someone who's an experienced snorkeler or free diver, you'll notice the way they ease into the water with extreme grace. Doing this not only offers the reward of seeing more details and variety, but you get the experience of being one with the reef by making your vibration like that of a fish or an octopus or a sandollar.

After this kind of unifying experience, you leave the water with an altered perspective, appreciation and personal vibration. It literally changes you.

I used to race paddleboards, but I don't anymore. Now (especially when in the Keys), I go slowly and let Mother Nature open up to me. When I enter this simultaneous dimension (for me, it's entering what I believe to be the 5th dimension), time no longer exists and all of Nature comes to the fore and begins to speak (or rather I slow down enough to finally listen). My heart opens to the wonders around me, and big and little things becomes magical and enchanting.

Being in this space helps train my vibration into one of joy, peace, relaxation, connection and oneness. It's impossible to put a monetary value on this kind of spiritual experience. I know that it feeds my soul and inspires me. Like having to come up for air when holding my breath underwater, I hate leaving this mindspace. But each time I enter, I seem to arrive a little easier and be able to stay a little longer.

Perhaps one day, we'll figure out how to stay... :)

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