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The Great Awakening... 2020 and Beyond

Why is there so much fear, chaos, disruption? So much duality, polarity, extremes?

Can chaos, trauma, and seeming destruction be synonymous with healing... when it seems to be the exact opposite?

I believe the events of these times are for our personal and human evolution. And I believe there will come a point in our lives when we choose to simply rise above the chaos; where we refuse to pick sides; where we walk away from duality and the pain of separation and we wake up and remember where we all came from, that God loves each of us equally, and that our answers are deep within. In the work I do, healing is often about finding a higher perspective to situations that cause us grief, separation, trauma... so we can relieve the suffering in the "human" part of us. If we have faith and trust that God really does know what's going on and that everything is happening for a reason... then we can live a life of peace and joy, right? But for many of us, living in such density, a feeling of compression, and the constant change, uncertainty & challenges can make us feel like it's all just too much. I don't know ANYONE who has not been impacted by the global events and personal challenges of 2020. And that impact is the tipping point of transformation... that's the whole point!

We live in a vibrational Universe where Law of Attraction is ever-present. Our individual (and collective) experience of reality is dictated by the vibration of all of the experiences held within our body's energy field. Each of us is a holographic billboard vibrating our fears, guilt, joy, and beliefs into the Universe, much like a radio station.

When the compression, uncertainty, challenges, or chaos feel like it's too much to bear... the ticket to changing any situation or feeling is to change our own vibration. The contrast of being uncomfortable wakes us up and makes us aware, and pushes us into action.


Setting the intention to feel better is the first step.

The next step is to become aware of our current vibration.

Here is a simple chart showing lower to higher vibrations:

If you've been immersed in a lower vibration, shift your body, mind and spirit into a higher vibration and watch your mood, health and overall well-being magically transform!

If you've been spending too much time indoors, go outside. If you've been passive aggressive (or the recipient of such behavior), muster the courage to speak your truth. If you've been resisting change, surrender to it, and watch how your vibration changes.

SECRET SAUCE - BECOMING A GOOD VIBE GENERATOR Another simple recipe for instantly raising your vibration in any situation is to get out of your head and open your heart.

The logical, ego-driven mind is often riddled with conflict and confusion.

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye." - The Little Prince by Saint-Exupery

The heart is always present and always connected to higher vibrations and universal truths. When you feel rushed, impatient, or judgmental, take a moment to stop, breathe and re-center into the heart and ask yourself - WHAT VIBRATION AM I BRINGING TO THIS SITUATION? And remind yourself that YOUR vibration is what creates YOUR reality. If you find yourself sitting in judgment, open your heart and offer forgiveness (no matter what - because judgment shuts YOU off from who you really are. It hurts YOU, not the other person).

If you each processed food every day, begin substituting fresh foods in each meal.

If you are feeling fearful and anxious, get out of your head and open your heart and ask yourself if your fears are REAL... or a conditioned/programmed/unconscious habit? Consciously choose LOVE and summon the courage to liberate yourself and move beyond the fear. And don't be afraid to reach out for help if you need to. If you are confronted with a strong, combative ego, BE loving... not because the other person "deserves" it, but because it's WHO YOU ARE. And when the WHO YOU ARE (a holy child of God, an infinite being of love and light) becomes a fully embodied vibration, your vibration will be such that rude people, anxiety and sickness are no longer a part of your reality. You will have transcended all of it!

In any given moment, how you FEEL is THE most important thing in your world (total opposite of what most of us were taught, right?). Becoming aware of the automatic, knee-jerk responses that take us out of the present moment (peace, presence, love, awareness) and into lower vibrations of fear, guilt, shame, impatience, judgment, etc. is the ticket to ascending any unwanted situation. You might ask yourself... "Is my response to this situation serving my highest and best? Or is there another way?" ASK & WE SHALL RECEIVE Once we become aware that we're reacting out of anything other than love (fear, guilt, shame), simply ASK for something better... and be open to receiving it.

Even if the answer is not instant at first, it WILL come. And the more we ask, the more we get (because we live in a world dictated by FREE CHOICE... so we have to ask), and the more quickly the higher vibration solutions appear. After the higher solutions appear, we realize how "necessary" or valuable the lower vibration reaction was. Because it made us aware of our vibration. :) And that brings us around again to realizing that the whole Universe is working in our favor.

HOPE FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE The whole world is experiencing a "great awakening," where people are re-evaluating their priorities and going within for answers... while in the outer world, light is being shone on the corruption in many of our society's major systems. These systems will undergo major upgrades and transformations, as we ALL raise our vibration. Any time we're learning something new, it's the most difficult in the beginning. But it gets easier with time and momentum. So be gentle with yourself and others, as each person awakens to new levels of inner truths and higher levels of empowerment, compassion, and unconditional love.

As we each consciously choose a higher vibration, we literally reprogram our knee-jerk responses and upgrade our WHOLE lives... and the whole planet!

You are transforming your life, one day and one vibration at a time. Kudos to you!!! Keep on going... it will be worth it!!!

Wishing you ALL the BEST in your personal evolution!!! And we THANK YOU for your important role in upgrading the systems and vibrations of the whole planet. Keep shining your light! WHAT WILL YOUR VIBE BE THROUGH 2020 & BEYOND? If you feel lost or overwhelmed and don't want to feel that way anymore, we have a wide range of tools that can help. Most of the work can be done over the phone. Simply call or text Shanda at 239-560-6667 for a FREE 10-minute consultation.


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