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We've been offering powerful distance healing sessions by phone since 2013.

It's convenient and efficient and it allows us to laser focus on YOU. It is the preferred method for any emotional processing. It allows you to relax and release deeply in the comfort of your home, without anyone watching or observing. 

Working from a distance allows a healer to have a bird's eye view - like getting strategic intel from the air vs in the trenches. 

The amount of data that a healer doesn't have to sift through in a distance session vs an in-person session (impressions, smells, constantly changing body language, facial expressions etc), allows for a higher level of processing power (more bandwidth!). 

Without having to process so much density, the healer can receive intuitive guidance more clearly and feel energy shifts with greater acuity, which benefits both the client and the healer.

Image by Quino Al

With any SOLO in-person retreat, we work with you via distance prior to your arrival, so you SHINE. 

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