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What's the Difference between a Retreat and a Vacation?

WHY RETREAT? When we go on retreat, we are able to focus all of our energy on change. When we stay in our daily grind, our future tends to repeat the patterns from the past. Getting into an inspiring, trigger-free environment can dramatically enhance our ability to cope with life changes and speed our healing. Retreat is great if you want one-on-one help for any of the following:

  • Recent or upcoming life changes

  • Uncertain of your purpose

  • Want to feel & live healthier

  • Fine-tune your point of attraction for greater success, better relationships, improved body image, more confidence

HOW IS A RETREAT DIFFERENT FROM A VACATION? Our retreats are vastly different from vacations... because they are infused with powerful intention, techniques & experiences that can shift the course of your life.

Our retreats are designed to help you create a life you don't chronically need a vacation from. Imagine a life filled with more joy than stress, more fun than daily grind, more peace & purpose than you've ever known.

When we go on vacation, we desire escape from the resistance we chronically feel in a life that is not fully in alignment with who we are and what we deep down love. After the transformation experienced in one of our private healing retreats, you are empowered with ways to create your highest and best life - one where you resonate every day with the higher frequency perhaps you used to only experience when on vacation.

We help you remember who you really are - that beautiful, sparkling soul filled with wisdom and grace who has the power and resources to create a truly magical life. We go through your body's software and find the things that trigger you - those old wounds that never healed all the way - and we heal them. One by one. Until you are whole again.

Our realities are created by our beliefs. Our beliefs are thoughts. And thoughts can be changed - easily - when we have the right tools and support.

It's not all reminiscing over bad things from the past. We also have LOTS of FUN, offering new experiences and new ways to think and feel about yourself and the world. Experience cutting-edge energy psychology, sound healing, quantum healing, energy medicine, optional water adventures (snorkeling, stand up paddling, dolphin encounters), yoga, clean & healthy food, and tons of healing sunshine and salt air... within a vortex of healing energy.

Our private healing retreats are designed to help you go from a life of stress and uncertainty to one of power and purpose; from feeling disempowered to returning home with a new skillset of techniques and knowledge that can help you rapidly transform almost any situation you may face - divorce or separation, illness, stressful relationships within family or work, unhealthy eating habits, poor body image, anxiety & panic attacks, depression, anger issues, grief, and more. Often for a price comparable to or even less than a vacation, you can have a customized experience to help you GET WHAT YOU WANT out of your life... instead of settling for what's in front of you.

Ready to make some changes? Book your personalized private retreat (virtual or in-person) working one-on-one with Shanda to clear whatever is keeping you stuck in old patterns of behavior, thoughts, eating, or sabotage that no longer serve you.

Enjoy sunshine, warm salt air, fresh clean food, exercise/movement customized to suit you... and of course, sound healing, quantum healing, and energy medicine to make you feeling ahhh-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! PLUS... support once you get back home so the changes you make stick! :) Call Shanda at 239-560-6667 to discuss what you'd like to change in your life and get a customized proposal for the retreat that brings you to your your highest and best!

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