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4 Day - 3 Night PRIVATE RETREAT   -  The Key West Experience 

Treat yourself to a 4-day, 3-night private retreat in the Florida Keys featuring sound & energy healing, deep relaxation & manifesting magic

If you need a little help finding your sparkle, our REST + RESET Private Retreat is designed just for you, offering easy upgrades to your body's software in a beautiful, fun, laid-back environment!


In addition to the beautiful crystal saltwater, the bright healing sunshine, and the laid back vibe of our beloved islands, this retreat offers:


Deep Relaxation, Energy Upgrades, and Nervous System Reset with:

  • Quantum Sound Therapy

  • Scalar Energy Immersion

  • Energy Medicine

  • Chakra Balancing Sound Healing

  • An Intro to Sound Healing

  • Gentle Yoga & Acupressure

  • Mini Body Shaping Spa

  • Manifesting Magic

  • Flower Essence Medicine (gentle emotional detox )

  • Amethyst Crystal Healing Biomat

  • Bio-Well Express Energy Assessment

  • FUN & Laughter



This private retreat is all about self-discovery - it is analytical, educational,

deeply relaxing and FUN!

It begins with cutting-edge technology that allows you to

see your body's energy field, assess your energy reserves, and

measure any blocks in your chakras.

We do a voice analysis and create tones to balance your chakras,

brain, and emotions, while clearing negative subconcious programming.

You'll learn an awesome technique that allows you to speak directly

to your body's autonomic nervous system (the 95% of you that's running the show) so you know in real-time what are the best foods, supplements andsituations for your overall wellness.

You'll experience powerful sound bath meditation to help you gain

insights and guidance in manifesting the life of your dreams.

You'll learn how to reset your body's energetic circuits so you feel reconnected, recharged, and inspired... and new ways of maintaining a body-mind-spirit connection that are delightful and deeply empowering.


We'll do a little gentle yoga and some acupressure to get your energy flowing and balanced.

We'll release tension from the body by working the fascia to tone the body, increase circulation, realign joints, relieve pain, and reduce cellulite  so you look and feel years younger.

Whether you're a seasoned meditator or just looking to get started, our sound bath meditations make meditation easy and next-level!


We work together each morning into early afternoon, so you still have free time for a bit of the play, rest, and/or adventure The Keys are famous for.


For this retreat, clients arrive on MONDAY and depart on THURSDAY OR arrive on THURSDAY and depart on SATURDAY.


This retreat offers an entirely new perspective on YOU, a deeply recharged internal battery, and a some powerful resets that offer you a new lease on life!

The REST + RESET Retreat is designed for those whose lives are pretty stable and they just need some relaxation, a recharge, a reset, and an energy upgrade.

For the best support for major life transitions like separation/divorce, grief, career change, etc, please check out our Re-Wire Me Retreat, that is designed to catapult you into new habits, new internal programming and deliver a new re-wired and happier you. The Re-Wire Me Retreat also offers follow-up support that most people need when making deep internal shifts.


In addition to the one-on-one work, the retreat offers a balance of play, rest, and vacation so participants can have FUN (best medicine in the world) and time to integrate the shifts we’ll be making.


*ZEN PADDLE (a mindfulness standup paddleboard adventure in our gorgeous shallow bay exploring mangrove islands, sponge gardens, and more)  - $250


*AQUA SONIC SPA session (sound healing IN the hot tub)  - $250

RESULTS from this Retreat:

  • deep relaxation

  • nervous system reset

  • see your body's energy field & learn how to communicate with it

  • manifesting magic

  • clear subconscious programming

  • mental clarity

  • connection with your higher self

Agua Sonic Spa with flowers.jpg

Arrive in Key West on Monday & depart on Thursday


8:00 am                              Breakfast (optional)

9:00 am                              Fun in the Studio 

1:00 pm                              Lunch (optional)                              

2:00 pm                              Integration/Free Time

5:30 pm                              Dinner (optional)             

7:00 pm                              Group Chakra Healing Sound Bath



8:00 am                              Breakfast (optional)

9:00 am                              Fun in the Studio

1:00 pm                              Lunch (optional)

2:00 pm                              Integration/Free Time

6:00 pm                              Dinner/Sunset Celebration (optional)



8:00 am                              Breakfast (optional)

9:00 am                              Zen Paddle or Aqua Sonic Spa (optional)

11:00 am                            Depart



PLEASE NOTE: All of our private retreats are customized to fit YOU. This is just a sample.

Scalar Energy Immersion

quantum sound1.jpg

Our studio emits a scalar energy vortex created by technology that utilizes nested Tesla coils and noble gases. Scalar energy, like zero point energy, cancels out lower man-made frequencies like EMFs and negative human emotions that have a toxic effect. The more time we spend inside a scalar vortex, the more coherent our energies become, which allows our frequency to naturally rise. As our frequency rises, we easily and gracefully release old limiting programming, and we feel lighter, more emotionally balanced and joyful.

Quantum Sound Therapy

silver headphones.jpg

Ready for a quantum leap? Through a quick voice analysis, we create unique balancing tones that bring body, mind and spirit into coherence and balance. The tones act like WD40 to loosen old stubborn subconsious programming, often clearing sabotaging behavior patterns that eons of therapy couldn't touch. Headphones & smart phone required for group work.

Yoga Fusion


We LOVE starting the day with this FUN, energetic morning studio yoga class offering an eclectic mix of energy medicine techniques, vinyasa flow, kundalini, yin yoga and sound healing. 
Along with a natural energy boost, you'll learn techniques you can use in the studio and in daily life to reduce stress and increase your body's energy. Suitable for beginner and intermediate.

BioWell Express Energy Assessment

Bio-well pic-computer camera and sputnik-1.jpg

The Bio-Well Energy Assessment session offers an express test of the body's energy, stress and balance. Each fingertip is placed on the glass of the Bio-Well imaging system that uses GDV (gas discharge visualization) and EPI (electro-photonic imaging) technologies, advanced forms of Kirlian photography. 

The reports help you see how well your body's battery is recharging, areas of impeded or excessive energy flow, and how balanced each system is. Includes 22-page report.

Body Shaping Spa

body shaping-womans hips with tape measure.jpg

The Body Shaping Spa is a fun, easy method of fascia release self-care that allows you to release deeply held tension, trauma, & pain in a non-emotional way (no talking or re-living), so you LOVE what you see in the mirror.

The Body Shaping Spa helps release the torque  in the body's connective tissue created by decades of driving, computer work, lifting, and other repetitive motions. 

After this deep release, you'll breathe more deeply and laugh more easily, with a youthful glow.

Also great for athletes to reduce soreness, improve alignment, & increase range of motion.

Crystal Healing Biomat

Biomat on Massage Table.jpg

A deeply rejuvenating session with far infrared heat, amethyst crystals, green tourmaline & negative ions. Crystals have inherent healing benefits for our body, mind and spirit that are magnified in this therapeutic application. This session helps soothe sore muscles, dramatically increase circulation, ground the body's energies, and leave you feeling recharged.

Vibration Plate Exerciser

Natini Vibration Plate 1.jpg

The Vibration Plate Exerciser is a fantastic passive exercise modality (you just stand on it - it does all the work) that relaxes and tones muscles, stimulates blood circulation, eliminates cellulite, boosts metabolism, burns fat, and reduces pain and stiffness in less than 10 minutes.

Vibe your way to excellent health!!!




RETREAT FOR TWO:  $888 per person

INCLUDED: all energy and sound healing and educational services in our comfortable private studio, use/rental of the technology, digital reports, custom imprinted formulas and alkaline drinking water

NOT INCLUDED: accommodations, travel to destination, rental car, Uber/taxi, meals, parking fees (if any), tips and gratuities, optional add-on activities

Above the Clouds


The rooms at local resorts and hotels fill quickly. Be sure to secure your accommodations reservation as soon as possible. Upon booking, you will receive our list of travel, hotel and resort suggestions. Please email Shanda at if you would like to receive our list of travel, hotel and resort suggestions prior to booking. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Shanda at 239-560-6667.

How do I know if this is the right retreat for me?

Listen to your gut. If you were led here, it is for a reason. If you keep thinking about it, that's more guidance. 

If you have ANY questions, feel free to give me a call - 239-560-6667.

If this retreat is not the perfect fit, we have LOTS of options!

Let's get started - please fill out the intake form below. Thank you!

Retreat Client Intake Form

Thank you for taking the time to let us get to know you! We want to be sure to provide you with the best services.

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