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Quantum Sound Therapy

voice analysis + holistic balancing with specific frequencies

  • 30 minutes
  • 150 US dollars
  • Namaste Healing + Retreat Center

Service Description

Quantum Sound Therapy can be the equivalent to hundreds of healing sessions One initial 20-minute phone session, then listen to your balancing tones 2xs daily Are you ready to make a quantum leap in your healing? Quantum Sound Therapy is unlike any other kind of sound healing. This advanced voice analysis and balancing protocol utilizes complex mathematical algorithms and 40+ years of research & development to deliver amazing results. Unlike most other tone or frequency therapies that use binaural beats, Quantum Sound Therapy uses hexagonal wave forms to produce more powerful results in a fraction of the time. Drilling deep into the subconscious mind, the specific frequencies work like WD40 to loosen deeply ingrained sabotage programs and limiting beliefs, allowing the development of our full potential. Couple this Quantum Sound Therapy with Scalar Energy (either at our healing center or in your home) to melt eons of self-sabotage in truly miraculous ways that most other modalities cannot penetrate (call for details). In just 20 minutes a day, Quantum Sound Therapy does the heavy lifting equivalent of hundreds of hours of therapy and other alternative healing modalities. A 10-second voice analysis (done over the phone) is used to create a specific set of balancing tones that when listened to daily, over time will clear the old programs that keep you stuck, feeling like a failure, spinning in procrastination, and trapped in the old energy of the past. This session can be done in-person OR virtually anywhere you have a quiet location and phone connection. Book your session today!

Contact Details

  • 625 Overseas Highway unit 106, Key West, FL, USA


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