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Quantum Sound Check

Check out Quantum Sound Therapy for the first time

  • 30 minutes
  • 75 US dollars
  • Phone Session

Service Description

Welcome to the wonderful world of Quantum Sound Therapy! Your voice is hologram of your state of well-being. We can always tell how a loved one is doing by the sound of their voice. Since everything in the universe has its own unique frequency, this amazing technology allows us to use precise frequencies to balance our stress levels, state of mind, and emotional well-being. The software uses complex mathematical algorithms to generate balancing tones from a 10-second voice analysis taken over the phone. Listen to your tones 1-2xs a day and experience new levels of balance, consciousness and expansion. During your initial Quantum Sound Check session, we explain the process & best practices, answer any questions you may have, and help you with any technical aspects of experiencing the quantum balancing tones for the first time. Quantum Sound Therapy works like WD40 to loosen and melt stubborn limiting programs that years of therapy usually can't soften. Like most health practices, the benefits grow over time, as the tones peel layer after layer of density, allowing us to be less easily triggered, more emotionally balanced, and strong in our sense of purpose. Our Quantum Sound Therapy clients often experience improved memory, deeper relaxation, and are quicker to laugh and better able to handle stress. Kindness replaces aggitation and a sense of peace replaces anxiety, overwhelm and depression. Anytime after your initial Quantum Sound Check experience, you can purchase follow-up sessions in bulk at discounted rates. Most people, once they feel the expansion this specific frequency therapy provices, want to continue to feel this good and better. We offer a myriad of ways to support your continued balance, wellness, and evolution.

Contact Details


625 Overseas Highway unit 106, Key West, FL, USA

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